World Class Dry Cargo Commercial Pools

TBS offers shipowners specialized global market access and enhanced performance through its managed pool offerings. TBS is able to offer its pool members exceptional performance due to its established logistics platform of 13 offices worldwide, 300 industrial customers, and deep commercial and operational expertise. All pool participants will have easy access to information via the eFleetWatch® reporting system. TBS has partnered with world-renowned tanker pool operator Heidmar Inc. to be the only dry bulk pool operator utilizing the eFleetWatch® software. Contact us for more information.

BlueMax Bulkers — Leading Pool for Supramax Vessels

BlueHorizon Bulkers — Leading Pool for Handysize Vessels

BlueMax Bulkers PoolBlueHorizon Bulkers Pool
Bulker TypeSupramaxHandysize
Number of Pool Vessels163
Total Deadweight890,000 MT110,000 MT
Number of Owners62

TBS Fleet

Our fleet consists of supramax and handymax bulk carriers controlled by TBS, plus vessels under charter, including multipurpose tweendeckers. We have assembled a versatile fleet of modern vessels that are well-configured to serve global markets and transport multiple cargoes.

At any given time, TBS has about 30 vessels on the water. Of the 30 vessels in the TBS fleet, 19 are controlled and the balance are vessels on short-term charter employed in the various TBS trades.

TBS Controlled Fleet

BlueMax Bulkers — Supramax Pool
VesselPoolDeadweightYear Built
AnatoliSupramax63,467 MT2018
AlaniSupramax63,427 MT2017
LilaSupramax63,414 MT2017
Naess ResoluteSupramax56,845 MT2012
Maritime UnitySupramax58,731 MT2008
AdirondackSupramax57,015 MT2010
BeaufortSupramax57,016 MT2010
Alster BaySupramax55,430 MT2008
Bulk ParaisoSupramax53,503 MT2007
V FulmarSupramax52,307 MT2004
V JaegerSupramax52,307 MT2004
V PetrelSupramax52,307 MT2004
V SanderlingSupramax50,307 MT2003
V Green HeronSupramax51,557 MT2002
V Arctic TernSupramax51,536 MT2002
V AvocetSupramax51,514 MT2002
BlueHorizon Bulkers — Handysize Pool
VesselPoolDeadweightYear Built
Ocean OpalHandysize37,187 MT2012
Ocean GalaxyHandysize37,193 MT2011
V Red KnotHandysize32,700 MT2003

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